Guest teaching and community events

Guest Teaching


April. Soomin Seo’s Theory II Class. Temple University. Graduate level.


October. Jessa Lingel’s Introduction to Popular Culture Class. University of Pennsylvania.
October. Ethan Ham’s Critical Issues in Game Design Class. Bradley University.


October. Patrick Murphy’s Media Ethnography Class. Temple
April. Felami Burgess’s LGBTQ Media Representation. Temple University.
March. Devon Power’s Stereotypes in Media. Temple University.
March. Devon Power’s Media and Society. Temple University.
February. Paul Hembree’s Video Game: History and Design course. Skidmore College.


October. Beth Corzo-Duchardt’s Queer Media course. Muhlenberg College.
October. Laura Zaylea’s Mobile Media course, Temple University.


June. School of Justice Studies Summer Skype Series. Eastern Kentucky University.
March. Florence Chee’s Game Studies Course. Loyola University Chicago.
March. Gabriela Marcu’s Human Computer Interaction course. Drexel University.
March. Chadwick Robert’s New Media course. University of North Carolina Wilmington.
March. Tony Liao’s Information Society course, Temple University.
February. Tom Boellstorff’s Digital Technologies. Culture, and Media
course. University of California-Irvine.


November. Guest lecture for Kelly Joyce’s STS colloquium. Drexel University.
April. Guest Lecture Digital Environments Workshop. University of Michigan.


November. Cathy Hannabach’s First Person America course. Temple University.
April. Diana Swanson’s LGBT Studies course. Northern Illinois University.
March. Sharrona Pearl’s Facing Race course. University of Pennsylvania.


November. Jeff Rush’s Video Game Theory and Practice course. Temple University.
March. Cathy Hannabach’s Feminist Theory course. University of Pittsburgh.


November. Cathy Hannabach’s Introduction to Women’s Studies course. University of Pittsburgh.
November. Cathy Hannabach’s Introduction to Feminist Theory course. University of Pittsburgh.
July. Lauren Sessions Goulet’s New Media and Community Life course. University of Pennsylvania.


April. Three lectures for Sharrona Pearl’s Facing Race course. University of Pennsylvania.

Community Events

2015, 2016 Guest speaker for Maven’s Queer Tech Youth Summer Camp

2013–2015 Media Production Chair, Philly Queer Media


January 25. Presenter: Queer Games History. Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Philadelphia, PA.


September 24. Annenberg School for Communication Professional Development Day, Philadelphia, PA

July 27. Panelist. Electoral Dysfunction at the 2016 DNC. The Adrienne Theater. Philadelphia, PA.


November 19. Guest lecture: Diversity, representation, and video games. Baldwin School (Upper School), Bryn Mawr, PA.
September 16. Guest lecture: Philly Geek Girl Dinners. Philadelphia, PA.
March 28. Panelist: Race and Gender in Games. Penn Play. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA.


December 10. Invited Panelist: Talk Nerdy to Me: The Social Dialect of the Tech Generation. Patron Enrichment Programming for NERDS at the Suzanne Robert Theater.
October 16. Invited Panelist. How do girls game differently? Grassroots Games Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
Volunteer, Phreak N’ Queer Arts and Music Festival


November 13. University Teaching Workshop, University of Pennsylvania

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